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Contact Lens Fitting | West Hills Vision Care

Contact Lens Fitting



Our hope with contact lenses is to provide patients with an alternative to glasses.  Our trained optometrist is capable of fitting even the most difficult cases.  The world of contact lenses is constantly advancing and improving so even if a patient has been told in the past they could not wear contact lenses or they stopped wearing contact lenses due to discomfort or dryness, there are new and improved options available.

For our patients’ convenience we are stocked with trial contact lenses from many leading manufacturers, including Bausch and Lomb, Ciba Vision, Cooper Vision, and Vistakon.  The Contact lens fitting includes a thorough evaluation of the anterior surface of the eye to help select the ideal lens for each individual patient.  If a patient is already wearing contact lenses, the optometrist evaluates the fit and the vision through the contact lens.  Once a lens is chosen for each patient, there is a trial period of about a week, so that the patient can make sure they like the vision and comfort of the contact.  A follow-up exam is then done to make sure the contact still fits the eye in a healthy way and that the vision is acceptable.