Nordic Naturals

Nordic Naturals make vitamins that help promote brain, eye, and heart health. The products include ProOmega 2000, ProDHA Eye, DHA Jr (for kids), and Algae Omega (for vegetarians and vegans). We are happy to provide our patients with the best quality vitamins for all kinds of needs. Add this quote from them :“Most of the concentrated fish oils on the market today are formulated for cost-savings rather than quality and efficacy.

Their manufacturing process is cut short, resulting in omega-3s as ethyl ester molecules—synthetic fats with only about 30 years of history in the human diet. Not at Nordic Naturals. All of our omega-3 fish oil products are produced in the triglyceride form, which is the form naturally found in fish and the form the body most easily recognizes and absorbs. Triglyceride-form fish oils require more manufacturing steps, and take longer to produce, but for us, there’s no other way.

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